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        Shenzhen huanlong electronic technology co., LTD., mainly engaged in 1) manually, multi-function card, LED display r&d and production of PLC intelligent distribution box, article 2) single and double screen, full-color screen, desktop screen production wholesale 3) single and double color mould, full-color group production and wholesale
       Under a huanlong technology, the development of LED display, lighting distribution box, units such as the use of manual distribution box, distribution box, multi-function card when, PLC remote distribution box products.A blue  ocean the electronic manufacturer, the controllable production LED modules, stable quality, price concessions, have normal exports for many years, at the same time different kinds LED display installation and maintenance
    Distribution box is mainly used for manual fool in the field of LED display and so on power supply, intelligent power supply and remote power supply;The operation is simple, cheap and fine, compact appearance.According to the needs of customers choose synchronization control, remote control, power 1 kw to 500 kw.For large power supply control, can be used more than one control cabinet linkage
    LED module are: P10 ChanGong, P10 single white, P10 green, P10 single blue, P10 yellow, P10 single purple, P10 double color, P16, double color, P20 double color, P10 full color.All module aging, brightness, the uniform of perspective.Single white is white, soft brightness, night watch not dazzling, there is no color, pure light.LED colloid not completely transparent, light spread evenly.Green is pure green, different directions to watch green pure heart.
    LED module are all authentic IC, all spray anti-corrosion paint, with a complete automatic screw machine screws, flat, force uniform, so do screen will look
    Different kinds of screen have been exported many areas, there are ordinary article screen, ultra-thin screen, full-color screen, article desktop screen...
    Warmly welcome friends counterparts to discuss the communication, exchange, the shenzhen screen production products to a new height...

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    Baoan District of Shenzhen City ,Shiyan Liaokeng Tong ,Futai Industrial Park,Buiiding D1